2015 Audi Q1 Hybrid Price and Release date

2015 Audi Q1 Hybrid is a hybrid model of the rumored Q1 that’s going to be the baby crossover variant of the A1. Basically it is only a proposed model at this moment. It will have some of the A1 features, but also it is going to be a compact crossover vehicle, one of the first made by Audi Division. Until the end of this decade Audi has a lot of plans that involve spreading its range to sixty models, which is ten more than its current production.

Most of the rumors that concern this crossover were sparked by that interview that Audi’s executive Chairman Rupert Stadler gave to the Car Magazine. In this interview he announced that the new model is going to come out for 2015 or 2016 model year. Among other 10 new models Q1 is going to be the only new project, while most of the other vehicles are going to be sub-models.

Design – Outside and Inside look

We are still not sure how this vehicle is going to look, but we believe it is going to have a lot in common with A1 hatchback and it is going to be in the same relation with A1, as Q3 is in relation with A3. It is going to be the part of the new Audi SUV strategy, which means that after this model we’ll probably see some more crossover coming in the next decade.

2015 Audi Q1 Hybrid side

Interior design of the 2015 Audi Q1 Hybrid is hard to predict. It will probably come in some form of luxury crossover, so it is definitely going to come with leather upholstery, only question is going to be is Audi going to give leather upholstery with the base version or it will only come with some higher trim levels. It will also have some powerful sound system, maybe even Bose 12 speaker in some higher trim levels.

2015 Audi Q1 Hybrid interior

The Engine range

When it comes to performance Chairman Stadler announced that new model is going to be part of the new MQB modular transverse engine strategy. Nobody said anything about a hybrid concept, but we believe with so many new crossovers going hybrid, this vehicle needs to have hybrid version as well. If they decide to introduce hybrid version as well it is going to come with system seen on A3 e-tron, which come with only 25g/km of CO2 emissions.

2015 Audi Q1 Hybrid 3

2015 Audi Q1 Hybrid Price

There are no information about the price of 2015 Audi Q1 Hybrid, but release date is probably going to come after the North American Auto Show in Detroit where this vehicle is going to be premiered. When it comes to price we can expect this vehicle to be little bit more expensive that its cousin A1.




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