2015 BMW i3

As most of relevant manufacturers now offer at least one hybrid or all-electric car, so does German powerhouse BMW. i3 is their first born that came outlast year and continues basically unchanged going forwards. 2015 BMW i3 thus continues in the same couple of versions, base and the one with range extender.

Styling – Interior and Exterior

From design’s standpoint, i3 is a marvel. It has unconventional futuristic look an one can only wonder how the Germans managed to include so many distinctive details in such a small car. 5-door city hatchback features newly built, but still recognizable BMW’s front end fascia for all-electrics only. Small dual-rectangle grille and sharp headlights take smaller part of the front end, while large bumper takes much bigger piece of the cake.

2015 BMW i3 side view

Contrasting hood, roof and tailgate add to its flare, while tail-lights seem to be melted to its rear end. 2015 BMW i3 is something special from its profile too with its rather strange door layout. In order to open the back doors, you’ll first have to open driver’s and front passenger’s door which in turn allow rear-hinged rear suicide doors to open.

Interior isn’t that spacious, but you can’t possibly expect that kind of comfort in subcompact car. Other kind of comfort which spells luxury can be found on the other hand as 2015 BMW i3 uses some upscale surfaces. SensaTec/cloth upholstery can be found all over contrasting black and white cabin which also adds some natural light wood in its dash. Even floor mats are soft-touch being made from velour.

2015 BMW i3 interior

Floating 6.5-inch touch screen display passes its infotainment duty with highest marks, and i3 adds navigation to it, together with Bluetooth wireless technology, USB audio connection and HD radio. Apart from six standard airbags, 2015 BMW i3 adds standard anti-lock brakes, electronic stability and traction control, while optional list of safety features includes a rearview camera, radar adaptive cruise control, parking proximity sensors and automatic crash-avoidance braking.

2015 BMW i3 rear view2

Under the Hood and MPG

Base i3 uses 170 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque electric motor coupled with large 22 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack neatly tucked in its floor. Couple this with very strong regenerative braking system of up to 50 kW and you’ll get over 80 miles of all-electric range. Other version uses range extender. With a small 650cc 2-cylinder engine making 34 hp and tiny 2.4-gallon fuel tank, 2015 BMW i3 range extender version can travel up to 150 miles without both recharge and refill.

2015 BMW I3
Exterior dimensions
Length 3.999 MM (157.4 Inches)
Width TBA
Height TBA
Wheelbase 2.570 MM (101.2 Inches)
Curb Weight 2.700 pounds; Est.
Turning Radius 9.86 Meters (32.34 Feet)

Rated at 124 mpg estimated in combined cycle, i3 is the most fuel-efficient car in the US market. Range extender version is rated at 117 mpg estimated with its gasoline only ratings reading 39 mpg combined. Charging 80 percent of battery takes less than four hours using level 2, 240-volt cord.

2015 BMW i3 Price

Base version costs $41,350, while range extender model is only $3,850 more expensive. These prices are without costs of destination. First, new I3 is available in Europe, but we can expect on the USA market in early 2015.

2015 BMW i3 2

2015 BMW i3 is not exactly revolution in the car markets, but it’s close. With its futuristic overall design and extremely good fuel efficiency, it shouldn’t have too many problems finding its own set of admirers.


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