2015 Honda Insight Hybrid Rumors and Review

2015 Honda Insight Hybrid is a new model of one of the most popular electric hybrid vehicles in Honda’s range. First generation of this vehicle was a three door hatchback, later in 2006, generation switch came and the first generation model came out with a four door configuration. This is the first vehicles that introduced Honda Motor Assist hybrid system that later became a brand name in hybrid vehicle production.

It was also the least expensive hybrid vehicle in the United States in 2009, which is the year when it premiered on the American market. Unfortunately Honda announced discontinuation of its production for 2015 model year, together with Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and Honda Fit EV all electric hybrid. Us and number of other fans of this vehicle, still believe that this was just a marketing trick and that new Insight is going to see daylight.

2015 Honda Insight Hybrid Design

2015 Honda Insight Hybrid side view 2
If you google Honda Insight for 2015 model year, whole bunch of disappointing news is going to come out that are talking about discontinuation of three green models. On the other hand we witnessed this kinds of marketing tricks before, at least when we’re talking about Honda. So we believe the new model is going to come out this year, and not only that. We also believe that the new model is going to come with number of changes and updates, since if that really happens it is going to be a third generation model. When it comes to exterior styling we can expect some improvements that will make this model more aerodynamic and wind resistant.

2015 Honda Insight Hybrid’s interior styling is definitely going to change if Honda decides to continue its production. some of the downs of the last year’s interior design need to be changed. One of those is rear seat that is too flat, which makes it very uncomfortable for the longer rides, it also comes with very little leg and head room. We are not sure is Honda going to be able to fix this, since to increase space in the back they will need bigger changes into vehicles configuration and layout. Since possible next model is going to be a new generation one, literately nothing is impossible, so we just might see spacious rear seat with plenty of leg and head room. Another bad thing in the previous model was a shallow cargo bay. This another hard thing to fix, but as we said earlier nothing is impossible.

2015 Honda Insight Hybrid interior

Specs and Performance

Performance segment in the last year’s Honda Insight model was different than the ones we can find on some Toyota hybrid vehicles. This model is also called a ”mild hybrid” since unlike Prius and similar vehicles it can’t move on electric power only. This is the right direction to implement changes and make new model capable of driving in full electric mode. Last year’s model used familiar Integrated Motor Assist system that brings together 1,3 litre four cylinder engine with 10kW electric motor. If in 2015 we don’t see some crucial changes when it comes to its hybrid system that will enable this vehicle to run on electric only, we at least hope for minor power and acceleration boost. Last year’s output was only 98 horsepower and 123 pound feet of torque, which is too weak for most of the new hybrid models.

2015 Honda Insight Hybrid

2015 Honda Insight Hybrid Price details

Price of 2015 Honda Insight Hybrid is definitely going to be affordable. This vehicle is famous for its great deals. First model could be bought for only $19,800, and it was the least expensive hybrid vehicle at the time of its production (2009). Last year’s model can be bought for $18,900 which is even less. Since there were a lot of rumor about this model’s cancellation we expect that Honda will come with even better deal in 2015, of course if they decide to release it after all.



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