2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Overview

Honda Odyssey is one of the best-sold minivans in the US and Japanese manufacturer plans on ending its fourth generation next year. 2016, however won’t bring only next-gen MPV, it might also bring Odyssey hybrid to complete the lineup. According to some rumors, new 2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid will be available early 2015.

2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Under the Hood

For now, Honda doesn’t have bigger powertrains they could match with hybrid system and it is still hard to discern which one would they incorporate and what would its power output be. However, the thing we surely know is that it’s going to be a 4-cylinder. Another thing which is a fact is that Odyssey is a low rider and requires all of its interior space for people and cargo which it moves. This means that there’s effectively no space for hybrid motors and Honda’s engineers and designers will have their hands full in redesigning Odyssey in a manner in which it will be able to accomodate hybrid powertrain system.

2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid  front

Styling – Outside and Inside look

With everything aforementioned, it is clear that next-gen Odyssey will suffer heavy changes. First of all, it will have to get taller, and since it is esentially a people mover, it’ll get a scuff plate in its profile. After functionality changes get taken care of, aesthetical ones can be considered. That’s where new, bigger chrome stripe grille enters the fray, together with new headlights. Rear end will also be revised, but not in such a dramatic fashion, however.

2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid interior

Inside, Odyssey will still be able to carry up to eight people in three rows of seats, but it is still a question whether or not it is going to be less roomy than it is now. In any case, cabin adornments will most likely remain similar, with metallic and wood touches on highest trim levels. Leather seats will also be offered with higher grades, while lower ones will have cloth furbishings. 8-inch TFT screen will yet again be responsible for infotainment purposes and will have at least 2 gigabytes of space for navigation maps.

2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid  3
16.2-inch ultrawide-screen entertainment system at the back of the vehicle will also be offered exclusively on top trim level, and so will premium sound system. Hybrid Odyssey will technically remain the same vehicle it is now in conventional outfit. Rearview camera comes as standard piece of equipment and hybrids will also get LaneWatch sideview camera. Highest tier hybrids will also get blind-spot monitors, lane-departure and forward-collision warning systems.

2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Price details

Fuel economy ratings should be almost doubled and Odyssey hybrid could offer them in 40 mpg combined range. Expect these fuel-efficient minivans to cost between $40,000 and $50,000 or more if you want an equipment-rich MPV.

2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid

Honda Odyssey hybrid would have been available for a long time now if there weren’t for complications with its low profile and inability to accept heavy and sturdy hybrid system. When it finally arrives it will be a great choice thanks to its high fuel efficiency and ability to move large families or even small sports teams.

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