2015 Range Rover Electric

It seems that everyone is jumping on a wagon called “all-electric car production”. There are more and more, previously uninterested manufacturers that now enter the markets. Supposedly, technological evolution does its job, and does it well. The proof for that is the fact that even Land Rover is planning on trying their luck with new 2016 Range Rover Electric model which should be a counterpart to Tesla’s new Model X.

2015 is the year in which Land Rover plans to start producing Range Rover Electric models, but it’s a little bit unrealistic to expect them to be ready for sales before 2016, and possibly beyond. After all, we don’t even know what kind of powertrain British manufacturer plans for this experiment, and that tells a lot of Range Rover Electric’s current production stage. One thing that looks viable is the fact that it could offer an electric motor on both axles which would, in turn be powered by rather large battery pack and should ensure intelligent all-wheel drive system.

2015 Range Rover Electric top view 2

Design – Changes and Improvements

Design-wise, 2015 Range Rover Electric most likely won’t share its cousin’s body since this would limit its range because of Range Rover’s boxy look with not so good aerodynamics. Instead, it’ll be much more toned down and will probably be more of a crossover than an SUV. Maybe Jaguar C-X17 could be its role model. In fact, this will most likely be the case, but certain differences will have to be established.
New variation of Range Rover will still be an upscale car. That’s something that Landy badge brings nowadays and isn’t negotiable. However, not all versions of it will be furbished with top-class leather upholstery and natural wood veneers.

2015 Range Rover Electric rear view

Safety and Features

You can safely expect some contemporary options as well with possibly even carbon fiber inlays and synthetic leather surfaces. Gauges, driver information display and touch screen infotainment screen will be different in order to distance 2015 Range Rover Electric from conventional Range Rover lineup. All connectivity options will be present and you will be able to charge your iPods and smartphones with ease. As for safety features, all-electric version of Land Rover’s more affordable SUV will offer all mandatory options which include an airbag system, anti-lock brakes, brake assist, hill-start assist and stability control. Moreover, some advanced active features like a rearview camera, parking assist and blind-spot monitors will be present as well.

2015 Range Rover Electric interior

2015 Range Rover Electric Price and MPG

It is still too early to speculate upon fuel economy ratings and all-electric range of a future Range Rover Electric, but in order for it to get a crack at Tesla Model X, it’ll have to offer all-electric drive as close to Tesla’s 265 miles as possible. Of course, this is no mean feat and it’s hard to expect for RR to make it, and everything above 200 miles will be a success. £90,000 is a price tag that can be expected in the UK. US prices can’t just be translated into dollars, we know that, but less than a six-figure price here is hard to imagine.

2015 Range Rover Electric side view

2015 Range Rover Electric sounds good, but rather impossible. A year or two more will have to pass before it makes it to the streets, and even then its future as a good-selling vehicle isn’t guaranteed as plenty of things will have to align for that to happen.

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