2015 Tesla Model X Safety and MPG

The 2015 Tesla Model X is a second massively produced car that comes from the US all-electric vehicle manufacturer. Just like the Model S, it has to be pre ordered and the waiting period can be quite long, depending on your location.

Even if you order it right now, you’ll probably get it in the fall of 2015 or later which is more than a year. However, it is expected that new model will shorten the time overall, when both of them consolidate their demand.

Under the Hood and Specs

Model X is a mid-size all-electric SUV which uses either 60 or 85 kWh battery packs and couple of electric motors, one on each axle for the 4WD configuration. S and X models share the same batteries and sturdier Model X will most certainly offer smaller range. Base battery pack will hardly make 200 miles, while bigger 85 kWh pack should give it around 240 miles of all-electric range. However, these numbers are optimistic and will vary depending on the way you drive, and even on weather conditions.
Model X is a sleek and futuristic vehicle, but it still keeps the shape of a regular SUV.
2015 Tesla Model X 1

2015 Tesla Model X Design

Plain oval grille and sharp laid-back headlights give it a little bit of a sinister look. Fenders up front and out back are both pronounced and at the rear, Model X has trapezoid tail-lights with chrome garnish that cuts inside them. From the profile, looking at the door handles, one would assume that it has middle-opening doors. However, the same one would be wrong as X comes with falcon-wing doors which open vertically.
2015 Tesla Model X
Inside, Tesla plans to give you the best it can, and Model X will be furbished with leather upholstery and plenty of chrome and wood accents giving it thoroughly luxuriouss feel. They also plan to promote it as a family car and will offer it with three rows of seats. What Tesla is really proud of are the vivid color screens in the dash. First of all, the gauge cluster will be made of HD piece of display, unlike any other. Instrument panel will consist entirely of an 17-inch vertically positioned touch screen display which will be responsible for controling pretty much everything that happens inside the Model X.
2015 Tesla Model X interior 2

Safety Options

Standard panoramic roof ends at the tailgate line and might just be the biggest on the market. Safety features are highly advanced, especially electronic ones and you’ll get HD rearview camera, crash sensors, blind-spot monitors, cross-traffic alerts, lane departure warnings, and many more.

2015 Tesla Model X Price and Release date

Base version of Model X should cost around $71,000, but the price genrally depends on your location. Model with performance package will raise the tag to $96,000 and down payments will stretch from $5,000 to $40,000.
2015 Tesla Model X interior
2015 Tesla Model X can’t be called revolutionary, but is certainly close by. This luxury SUV won’t use a drop of petrol and will be able to recharge much faster than any other plug-in from any other manufacturer. However, its waiting time and price aren’t something many people would opt for.

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