2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid Release date and Price

The new 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid is car of future. Toyota Land Cruiser is the first Japanese commercial SUV. It came out 63 years ago, and it was inspired by the Jeep CJ, one of the first civilian SUV’s in the world. First Land Cruiser was built even before that as a military vehicle. When Japanese conquered the Philippines, they found few American Willy SUVs there. They took them to Japan, and their engineers made the first Japanese military SUV in Toyota factory. After the war Toyota started cooperation with Jeep branch of American motors back then. First Land Cruiser was labeled as Toyota Jeep BJ.

Later it change its name to Toyota Land Cruiser. Most of environmentalist automotive enthusiasts around the world wait for the moment when the new Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid is going to come out. Toyota’s plan is to make hybrid version of every model in their production, and Land Cruiser is going to be the biggest catch, since it is known for its powerful image, and great off-road capability.
2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid side view

2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid Design and Changes

It is not announced in which model year Toyota plans to launch hybrid version of Land Cruiser, but we think it is going to be 2015 or 2016. We don’t think that this vehicle is going to change much from the outside. You shouldn’t expect some futuristic crossover version of Land Cruiser. If there’s going to be any changes in Land Cruiser’s exterior styling, they are going to be minimal. Land Cruiser has one of the most popular exterior lines out of all Toyota vehicles, so they are probably not planning to change that, because it can largely affect its sales. We can maybe expect t some bigger grille, with Toyota badge and some changes in construction of the vehicles, for example some aluminum body panels to make this vehicle lighter, and therefore more fuel efficient.
2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid rear view
When it comes to interior segment we can expect some real luxury there. Quality materials, leather upholstery and wooden parts of interior construction could come with new Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid. Remember that this SUV is made to compete with Range Rover, so when it comes to interior comfort and elegance, sky is the limit.
2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid interior
Regular petrol version of Toyota Land Cruiser comes with powerful 5,7 liter V8 engine. Hybrid version of course can’t compete with that, but we can expect some top of the line hybrid technology. Land Cruiser’s engine will probably be made in Synergy Drive technology, which will made this model one of the most powerful hybrid SUVs in the world.
2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid  3

2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid Price

Since standard Toyota Land Cruiser costs around $70,000 for hybrid version we should expect some really high figure when it comes to price. It probably won’t be cheaper then $75,000 and that’s only for standard package. Release date, or year for this model is still unknown.

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