2015 Toyota RAV4 EV – Review and Changes

The new 2015 Toyota RAV4 EV coming.Toyota RAV4 is the first crossover vehicle in the world. Back in 1994 Toyota decided to combine cabin and luggage space and off-road capability of an SUV with fuel economy and speed of a compact car. They were more thzen succesfull in their experiment, so now we have a crossover revolution all over the world which drastically changed automotive industry.

2015 Toyota RAV4 EV Specs and Performance

To make RAV4 even more payable when it comes to fuel and totally ecological which is now the trendiest feature one vehicle can have, Toyota decided to release RAV4 EV. This vehicle was made in cooperation with the most influental electric engine manufacturer, Tesla Motors. First RAV4 EV came out in 2012, and it was first sold only in California. It had 154 horsepower, driving range of 92 miles and lithium-ion battery.
2015 Toyota RAV4 EV
Since it was made in cooperation with Tesla Motors, most of its electric engine and battery components are simmilar to one that could be find in Tesla Sedan S. Unfortunately there were a lot of news in past few month that are speculating is there going to be a new 2015 Toyota RAV4 EV, since the contract between Toyota and Tesla expires later this year. Toyota is now focusing on its new FCV vehicle, with full cell hybrid hydrogen powertrain, so the future of RAV4 is unknown. If RAV4 EV production stops this year it would be an end of the most popular Toyota green car, after the Prius.
2015 Toyota RAV4 EV side view

Design – Exterior and Interior

Anyway we feel optimistic when it comes to the new RAV4 EV, so will we try to guess some of the features it might have in the new model year. All RAV4 vehicles have recognizable exterior styling so we think that there is not going to be too many changes when it comes to that. Rav4 will come with its original cut nose design, while the rest of the RAV4’s front will be simmilar to the one you can see on Toyota Venza, officially one of the prettiest Toyota vehicles. New RAV4 models will look more family oriented then earlier, so they will loose the spare tire on the back bumper.

2015 Toyota RAV4 EV interior

2015 Toyota RAV4 EV Features

Like in previous models new RAV4 will come with enough cabin and cargo compartment space. It will have numerous hi tech features that are going to be charged from its lithium-ion battery.

It is still unknown are Toyota and Tesla are going to extend their contract, but if they do and 2015 RAV4 EV comes out, it will come with top of the line electric motor from Tesla range, the one that you can see on Tesla Sedan S. With this engine and lithium –ion battery it will increase its driving range as well as power and maximum speed.
2015 Toyota RAV4 EV rear view 2

It is hard to tell, is this vehicle going to come out or not. If Toyota and Tesla (where Toyota owns 2,5% of the shares) decide to continue their cooperation, new RAV4 will be one of the most popular electric cars out there.

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