2016 Acura NSX Hybrid Overview

New vehicle will be delivered very soon, new car, 2016 Acura NSX Hybrid. Ever since Honda NSX was discontinued in 2005, the World was denied one beautiful supercar. However, NSX is coming back under Acura’s nameplate and it will be a hybrid, no less.

Sometime in 2015 is the most recent date we can expect it, but 2016 is a more reasonable year for its reintroduction.

Under the Hood

Acura NSX will be moved by a 3.7L DOHC V6 engine with the help of two front and one rear electric motor which will send more than 500 hp combined to both axles. Powertrain will be positioned in the middle of the car, just like it was in previous generation. 7-speed dual clutch automatic or optional 7-speed manual gearbox will be responsible for transmission.
2016 Acura NSX Hybrid side view

Styling – Interior and Exterior

Exterior design is basically unchanged compared to the 2012 NSX concept. This supercar has the ultimate modern design with lots of sharp edges and futuristic details. For starters, NSX is a low rider with pointy nose that has split lower air intake and very thin rectangular headlights. Shuriken-like 20-inch wheels, bumpy front fenders and air intake at the foot of rear fenders are instantly visible from the car’s profile. Out back, NSX has sharp trapezoid tail-lights connected by a light bridge and can have the optional spoiler.
2016 Acura NSX Hybrid interior
Interior is going to be worthy of a $100,000+ vehicle, no doubt. Premium leather, wood, chrome and most of all, carbon fiber accents will dominate the cabin. Cabin itself will be of cockpit-like variety because center stack falls from the bottom of the touch screen (which is found at the top of the dash), all the way to the seats, leaving behind the shifter and two storage compartments. Needless to say, NSX will get plenty more premium features, including a high quality surround sound system, navigation, Bluetooth, USB ports, smart device connectivity, Wi-fi router and many more.
2016 Acura NSX Hybrid front view

2016 Acura NSX Hybrid Safety and Price details

Safety should also be top notch, at least when active features are concerned and you can expect surround view camera with parking sensors, blind-spot monitors, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, etc.

2016 Acura NSX Hybrid rear view
Fuel economy ratings aren’t yet disclosed, but mid twenties mpg combined should be achieved. Price tag will certainly be a six digit number. As far as it seems, new NSX will cost between $100,000 and $130,000.

2016 Acura NSX will not only be a fine hybrid. This exotic supercar will be reborn in a new light which is worthy of its predecessor. Extreme styling, great performance and solid fuel efficiency will be NSX’s main attributes.

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