2016 BMW 225xe Plug-in Hybrid

BMW family gets a new member, named 2016 BMW 225xe Plug-in Hybrid. The 2 Series Active Tourer from BMW is quite an unusual car for the European manufacturer because it is one of their first cars to go away from the usual rear wheel drive design. However, despite that, it managed to sell quite well thanks to the vast amount of space it offered inside the cabin and on top of that, it offered a lot of features its competitors did not.

In order to make it even more appealing and allow their customers to enjoy a fast car that offers plenty of space and it is quite economical, BMW released at the Frankfurt Auto Show the 2016 BMW 225xe Plug-in Hybrid, an evolution of the model they released a few years back.

Design – Interior & Exterior

The design of the 2016 BMW 225xe Plug-in Hybrid did not change all that much over the usual 2 Series Active Tourer. In fact, the only real differences are in the front where it features an even bigger air intake in the front bumper, needed to cool the intercooler of its engine, and on the left side where the car received a small hatch in the front fender. This hides the electric charging point which is said to fully charge the car from a 240v socket in just around 2.2 hours, quite impressive considering it does not need any special charging station.

2016 BMW 225xe Plug-in Hybrid
Length 4.342 MM (170.94 Inches)
Width 1.800 MM (70.86 Inches)
Height 1.556 MM (61.25 Inches)
Wheelbase 2.670 MM (105.11 Inches)

Inside view

The interior on the other hand received a bit more care from BMW. The dashboard has been revised in order to offer the driver more information about the electric powertrain in the car and on top of that, it is better equipped than the usual model. The base 225xe Hybrid should come as standard with an infotainment system, partial leather seats, a leather wrapped steering wheel, power seats in the front and a lot of safety features. The higher end models should add satellite navigation, active cruise control as well as a full leather upholstery and adjustable rear seats.

Under the Hood

Engine wise, the 2016 BMW 225xe Plug-in Hybrid is equipped with pretty much the same powertrain as the one in the i3. This combines a 1.5 liter 3 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine which comes with direct injection, fully variable valve control as well as variable camshaft control. This engine is good for 136 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque which is impressive all by itself. Unlike in the other hybrids on the market, the petrol engine drives the front wheels.

Coming to its aid there is an electric motor installed on the rear axle. This drives the rear wheels and it is capable of 88 horsepower and 122 lb-ft of torque. This means that the 225xe can be front, rear or all wheel drive, depending on how the engines are working.

The total combined power is right around 225 horsepower and little over 280 lb-ft of torque, meaning that this hybrid can get to 60 MPH in just 6.7 seconds which is faster than pretty much all the other engines available for the 2 Series. The only real drawback of this hybrid is that the all electric range is just 25 miles which may not be enough for a commuter vehicle. However, considering it only needs 2 hours for a full charge, it may just be better than some of its competitors.

2016 BMW 225xe Plug-in Hybrid
Max output 136 HP @ 4.400 RPM
Max torque 162 LB-FT @ 1.250–4.300 RPM
Electric Motor
Motor technology BMW eDrive technology: synchronous electric motor;generator function for energy recuperation for the high-voltage battery
Max output 88 HP @ 4.000 RPM
Max torque 122 LB-FT @ 3.000 RPM
Capacity (gross) kWh 7.7

2016 BMW 225xe Plug-in Hybrid Price

Just like the name suggests, this car is a plug-in hybrid which offers a fuel economy higher than 100 MPG on average which is quite impressive, especially for a car that is expected to cost around $45,000 when it will launch.

The platform of the hybrid remained unchanged but it did gain some weight due to the electric motor and its batteries and on top of that, it lost a bit of luggage space which should be fine, especially since it manages to be more fun to drive and a lot more economical.

The biggest competitor is Ford C-Max Energi.

2016 BMW 225xe Plug-in Hybrid

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