2016 BMW i3 M – review & sporty edition

One more special edition by German carmaker, this time here’s the latest  2016 BMW i3 M. The 2016 BMW i3 electric car may be a BMW, but it could almost pass for a different brand altogether. This small hatchback will be one of the most energy-efficient cars on the market. As always, it is a big gamble by BMW, but it could spark a revolution for the entire car industry. Until now, only exotic supercars could benefit from lightweight bodies made of carbon-fiber and reinforced plastic.

It may be a bitter pill to swallow, but the BMW i3 isn’t technically meant to be sold in America. And yet, it keeps providing quiet all-electric transport for people all over the world. A nice and welcome change in an otherwise loud gas-guzzling world of today.

On highways and open roads, the 2016 BMW i3 M will hold its own, but it doesn’t begin to really shine until it hits the city streets. It is meant for city dwellers, anyway.

More aggressive design


The 2016 BMW i3 M somewhat strays from the BMW norm. If it weren’t for the distinctive grille and the BMW badge, you’ be hard-pressed to guess which car it actually was. The styling has been updated, and it now features more elements characteristic for the “i” plug-in cars. Its grille will be a mock twin-kidney variety, outlined in blue, plus the black hood, roof, and tailgate (or trunk for that matter).

The 2016 i3 takes a broad stance, with its 19-inch wheels and an upright posture, which actually props it up so it looks much bigger than it actually is. The rear features an intersection of various lines: straight lines, curves, and a multitude of materials.


On the inside, the 2016 i3 features a calm, modern, cabin with a minimalistic design. There is lots of space in the front, although the rear is a different story altogether. The way in which the space is organized feels different in comparison to other BMWs. It is meant to soothe your nerves and facilitate a smooth driving experience and all else comes second.

Under the Hood

Apart from the BMW antics, the engine can be upgraded with a 650cc two-cylinder in order to get some more range, with roughly 34 hp and 40 lb-ft of torque. The auxiliary engine doesn’t technically power the wheels. Rather, it powers the battery and recharges it slightly. It means you can get 150 miles rather than the usual 80 before you need to recharge. The tiny gas tank is made specifically to comply with Californian regulations.

2016 BMW i3 M
The Engine range
Output (hp) 233
Torque (Ft-Lb 212
Energy capacity (kWh) 28
Acceleration 0–60 mph 4.5 Sec.
Acceleration 0–35 mph 2.9 Sec.
Max speed 155 mph
Gasoline Engine BMW TwinPower Turbo 1.5-Liter Three-Cylinder
Drive Rear-wheel drive

2016 BMW i3 M main image

2016 BMW i3 M Release Date & Price

The price is still a mystery, although the base model should go for $43-48.000. The price seems appropriate for an electric car, although they should really tone it down if they mean for electric cars to become mainstream. To charge that much for a tiny car that isn’t even that fast seems… absurd. Then again, electricity is cheaper than gas, so if you have to drive a lot, it should pay off in a few years.

2015 BMW i3 Mega World          $42,275
2016 BMW i3 M                           $58,595

We could expect the 2016 BMW to appear next year.

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