2016 BMW i9 Release date and Engine

In past weeks, there are a lot of rumors about new 2016 BMW i9. There have been a lot of talks about expansion of BMW’s i lineup and most recent ones are about the i9 which should sit at its top, no less. This is essentially going to be a plug-in hybrid supercar which will compete with the likes of Audi R8 and Mercedes AMG GT and will be ready for production in 2016.

Under the Hood

i9 will basically be beefed-up version of i8 with a more aggresive styling and stronger powertrain. i8’s 3-cylinder engine just won’t cut it here and i9 will receive 3.0L turbocharged V6 engine and more powerful electric motor for a combined output of more than 500 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. Even though it’s going to be heavier thanks to the bigger powertrain, i9 will still be faster and will achieve 0 to 60 time in less than 4 seconds.

2016 BMW i9 side view 2

2016 BMW i9 Design – Inside and Outside look

As already stated, i9 will resemble i8, but it will also get new curves all-over and will have its own design statement in a way. Hood scoop will be revised and new 20-inch wheels will be introducted for a genuine feel. Air inlets might also be revised and out back, i9 should get a different spoiler and new tailgate finish. However, upward-opening doors and front end fascia will be kept.

Since i9 is going to be a high-end BMW, there’s no doubt that its interior will also fall under the same description. Generally, it’ll also look something like i8’s interior, but in different colors and with a few changes. Heavy contemporary feel will be kept and unconventional angular dash should have the same floating touch screen display found in i8. Gauges will also be modern and designed especially for a hybrid vehicle. Materials used will be of highest quality and all cabin parts will be coated in soft-touch parts.

2016 BMW i9 rear view

Electric motor and MPG

i9 will be able to drive solely thanks to the electric motor, but the distances it can cover that way will be short, most likely between 15 and 20 miles. Estimated fuel economy will stand at around 100 mpg, while combined estimated figures should be below 70 mpg.

2016 BMW i9 interior

2016 BMW i9 Price and Release date

Prices are hard to discern at this time, but since i8 costs $135,700 and i9 plans to top that, it is clear that i9 might break the $150,000 figure. The main rivals are: Mercedes AMG GT, Audi R8 and the previous model BMW i8. Next year, BMW celebrating 100th year existence, and because that, new 2016 BMW i9 will be launch.

2016 BMW i9 5

2016 BMW i9 is supposed to be the fastest road-legal car German manufacturer ever made. It’ll be highly fuel-efficient, being a plug-in hybrid and will be equally expensive. That means, it’ll be made in limited series and not many people will get the chance to own it.

More rumors: http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2014/9/28/Report-BMW-i9-Supercar-Arriving-in-2016-7722811/


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