2016 Chevrolet Bolt Concept

Chevrolet company has lauched a new car concept, 2016 Chevrolet Bolt. This vehicle’s production was confirmed on 2015 Chicago Auto show and since then media doesn’t stop talking about this model that is going to be the future of EV cars, as Chevrolet officials like to point out.

This vehicle received its name from the fastest man alive, of course we are talking about Usain Bolt, and they probably paid him a lot for this kind of commercial. This vehicle will be made in Orion assembly plant that is located in Michigan and it will be sold around 50 states, and later if it receives the same amount of popularity as its cousin Chevy volt it might became a world wide selling model.

Design –  new look and style

Bolt concept was shown on 2015 North American international Autoshow at Cobo Center in Detroit and all Chevy officials claim that the production version of this model is going to almost the same as the concept version that we saw in Detroit in february. When it comes to exterior look this concept vehicle came in an authentic orange color with very narrow grille at the front and stretched headlights, similar to the ones we can see on other EV vehicles like Nissan Leaf for example.

Its headlights are stretched for almost the same length as its hood. It also comes with very long windshield that connects its low roof and gives nice visibility in spite of the very high hood and very low roof line.

Inside look

When it comes to interior of this model media didn’t really saw the exact layout in Detroit, but we think that it is going to come with enough room for two adults and two children, same as the other similar hatchback EV vehicles. In the base version we shouldn’t expect any luxury and the new model will probably come with little bit more plastic than we are used too. We can also expect good connectivity options, infotainment system and some extra electric outlets connected directly to the battery.

The Engine – specs and predictions

When it comes to this 2016 Chevrolet Bolt Concept engine there’s still no official information, but we think that it is going to come with 24 kWh strong electric motor that is going to be connected with lithium ion battery and it will definitely be one of the most fuel efficient EV vehicles on the market.

Chevrolet officials announced that this model will come with 200 mile electric range which is a great result and then it will definitely going to win over Toyota Prius which is the car with the longest all-electric range at this moment. We should also expect very high fuel economy that will go around 110 or 120 mpg equivalent.

2016 Chevrolet Bolt Concept
Horsepower @ RPM 150 (Est.)
Torque @ RPM 300 (Est.)
0-60 time 7.5 sec. (Est.)
Top Speed 90 mph (Est.)

2016 Chevrolet Bolt Concept Price

There are still no official information when it comes to price of 2016 Chevrolet Bolt Concept. Some people say it is also going to be one of the least expensive models, but there were no confirmation of that theory from GM. Only thing we know is that GM will invest around $200 million in this vehicle’s production. So to get this all back and earn some more money they will need to sell this vehcile for more than $30,000.

Production of this vehicle will start in early 2016 year.

The biggest rivals are: BMW i3 and Tesla Model III.

2016 Chevrolet Bolt front view

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