2016 Ford Focus Electric

Ford is lagging behind its competitors quite heavily when it comes to electric cars, especially when they only have one model on the market, the 2016 Ford Focus Electric. While it is a great car to begin it, they only make it in order to be able to sell their other models in California and a few other states which means it is extremely hard to get one and it is not that great when it comes to usability either.

Because of its extra batteries, the Focus Electric weighs little over 3,600 pounds which makes it quite heavy when compared with the petrol powered model. The good part is that somehow Ford managed to keep its driving characteristics unchanged which makes the electric Focus one of the best driving electric cars on the road today and it may prove to be a really efficient city car.The downside is that there is no petrol engine to extend its range and on top of that the actual charging system supplied with the car is not that great either.

Design – Inside and Outside look

The exterior design of the 2016 Ford Focus Electric will seem familiar to a lot of people and this is because it does look like a Focus. Ford only did minimal changes to it in order to slightly differentiate it from the rest and also improve its drag coefficient. The grille is now shut, the front bumper comes with a slightly better wind deflector and the mirrors now have a new design in order to minimize wind noise. The back of the car features a sporty bumper and the exhaust pipe is now gone.

In order to charge it, Ford added a small port on the left side of the car, right on the front fender. This will light up when open and it should accept most types of chargers currently available.

2016 Ford Focus Electric
Wheelbase 104.3 Inches
Length 172.9 Inches
Width;excluding mirrors 71.8 Inches
Height 58.2 Inches

Inside view

The interior is a bit more impressive and we have to say that despite its low price for an electric car, after the usual rebates, the 2016 Ford Focus electric is very well equipped with standard leather upholstery, an infotainment and navigation unit, a climate control system with heated seats and even a fully digital instrument cluster. There is also more room than before because the batteries have been installed in the center of the car. This also frees up the trunk and it allows it to have a dual-floor which gives it the largest trunk in its class.

Under the Hood

Engine wise, the 2016 Ford Focus makes use of a fully electric powertrain. This uses a 143 horsepower electric motor which provides plenty of torque at any speed. This is then fed by a 24 kWh battery that can be recharged from any standard outlet in around 3,5 hours. This is quite good when compared to some of its competitors but it is quite bad when you consider the total range of the electric Focus is only 74 miles. The unfortunate part is that fast charging is not available so the car will be pretty much useless for longer trips.

However, this does make it a great city car because the range is more than sufficient and the fact that it can be charged via a standard outlet makes it quite a good deal. It seems that in the near future Ford is also planning on introducing a car with a much larger battery and a fast charging system that could solve the issues of the current electric Focus.

2016 Ford Focus Electric
The Engine range
Type Permanent magnetic electric traction
Power 143 HP
Torque 184 LB-FT
Battery cell supplier LG Chem Ltd.
Battery manufacturer Piston Automotive Group
Max speed 84 mph
Voltage current 240/120 energy source

2016 Ford Focus Electric Price

The car is based on the latest generation of the Focus and it can be had for a price of around $30,000 before any government grants. These could further lower the cost to as low as $20,000 and even at this price the car may prove to be a hard sell.

The biggest rivals are: Nissan Leaf, Volkswagen e-Golf and Kia Soul EV.

2016 Ford Focus Electric

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