2016 Ford S-Max Hybrid

Ford S-Max is still unavailable on the US soil, but this could be changed in the next couple of years. Just like C-Max and Galaxy, 2016 Ford S-Max Hybrid will be a next-gen vehicle and since it is based on a CD4 platform, there’s a high possibility that it might find its way to the US market. Conventional models might not be offered, especially European diesel versions, but hybrid lineup, just like the one in smaller C-Max is a high possibility.

Under the Hood

If they choose to offer new S-Max with petrol engine, 1.5L EcoBoost 4-cylinder, used in a concept vehicle might be a good choice. Otherwise, 2.0L Atkinson cycle 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor, possibly larger than the one in C-Max will have to suffice. Hybrid models will get a small lithium-ion battery pack, while plug-in models have to offer some all-electric range and thus require larger pack. These details and information about engine are very short, because are not officially published.

2016 Ford S-Max rear view

Styling – Inside and Outside look

Design-wise, 2016 Ford S-Max hybrid shouldn’t be much different than its smaller cousin. Just like any new Ford, it’ll discard old larger lower – upper smaller air intake and will adopt Aston Martin-style hexagonal stripe grille. Sharp laid-back headlights should reimburse the new low nose, while the profile should remain basically unchanged. S-Max will be longer, but won’t utilize that advantage for fitting more than five passengers and instead should get swept-back windshield. Out back, tailgate is also bound for some changes and new Ford’s mid-size minivan should receive new tail-lights pattern.

2016 Ford S-Max interior

Interior will be refurbished, but material hierarchy will remain similar. Of course, new market requires some tumbling and it can be safely assumed that 2016 Ford S-Max hybrid will follow the same routine as its smaller cousin C-Max. That means, it’ll be offered with both cloth and leather seat upholstery, but should be fitted with more soft-touch options for a more refined interior. Revised dashboard won’t be as contemporary as in some Ford’s models and should be more curved and sporty instead. Touch screen option should be standard across the board and with it, all connectivity features including Bluetooth, USB and auxiliary power outlets will be offered as well.

2016 Ford S-Max device

Equipment and MPG

US versions, as hybrids will also get Ford’s smart gauge with eco guide whose leaves flourish as you drive more economically. Still a five-seat minivan, 2016 Ford S-Max hybrid will come with all standard airbags in both rows of seats, stability and traction control, anti-lock brakes with brake assist and a rearview camera. Front and rear parking sensors are also included and more advanced active safety features like adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitors and cross traffic alerts can also be found.

2016 Ford S-Max front view 1

Being slightly larger, S-Max’s fuel efficiency will be just a tad bit lower than that of its smaller cousin and hybrid models should be rated at 39 mpg combined. Plug-in hybrids will offer some all-electric range and should have a fuel efficiency of 37 mpg combined in hybrid or some 85 mpg combined in electric estimate mode.

2016 Ford S-Max Hybrid Price details

UK models cost between £23,000 and £33,000 which would be between $36,000 and $52,000 if converted today. Of course, US prices won’t soar so high and you can expect them to be around $5,000 lower. But, more details we expect very soon, in January 2015.

2016 Ford S-Max side view

2016 Ford S-Max hybrid will be redesigned along the rest of Ford’s minivan lineup and should finally be offered in the US market. Standing in the middle of the mentioned line, S-Max still doesn’t offer three rows of seats, but that’s why it is quite comfortable and refined.


More info and first spy photos:

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