2016 Honda ACX

All car enthusiasts were positively shocked when Honda released their ACX concept at the Tokyo Motor Show back in 2011. Five years later, this hybrid electric car which combines internal-combustion engine with electric motor, might finally become production-ready. However, 2016 Honda ACX will be heavily redesigned and not nearly futuristic as the original concept, even though it will share some of its original statements.

Under the Hood

Actual concept was powered by a 161 hp electric motor and 127 hp 1.6L 4-cylinder internal-combustion engine. With only electric motor active, ACX is able to travel 31 mile and to reach the top speed of 62 mph. Even back in 2011, these specs weren’t as futuristic as they could have been, and today, they are even less inspiring. That’s why Honda might switch to fuel-cell hydrogen technology, but then again, that’s Honda FCEV’s job.

Styling – Exterior and Interior

Highly sleek and futuristic look still doesn’t stand a chance in contemporary car markets and the story with ACX isn’t any different. This means that, sadly, even concept’s active aerodynamics won’t make the production. Front bumper and side skirts were able to lower themselves and reduce the drag considerably, but new styling doesn’t allow these excesses. New look brings sharper lines and much more production-friendly design which could be produced straightaway. With it, 2016 Honda ACX is bound to look fashionable, yet distinctive, especially if makers decide to allow customization from the get-go.

2016 Honda ACX side view 4

As for ACX’s interior, things will most likely follow the same routine. To say that concept’s interior was futuristic would be an understatement, with all white carbon surfaces which adorned the car. Moreover, instead of a steering wheel, ACX concept used to have Twin-Lever Steering system utilized via couple of sticks. These were used in Engine-Drive Mode and they were operating through push-pull system. If that wasn’t up your alley, you could always switch to Automatic-Drive Mode which turned on the auto pilot and enabled maximum comfort for you by reclining your seat and offering support for your feet.

It sounds tempting, but current regulations still don’t allow this kind of technology and 2016 Honda ACX will be much more conventional in this aspect, just like in any other.Rest of the features depend upon the price range of the new car which is still unavailable. However, this isn’t a luxury car and shouldn’t come with anything out of ordinary, including both tech and safety features.

2016 Honda ACX Price details

As above mentioned, price range of a new ACX is still an enigma. If Honda decides to change concept’s powertrain to fuel-cell version, prices might end up in $40k region or even higher, while good old-fashioned hybrid car wouldn’t cost as much. Similar can be said about fuel economy ratings, but they would be high in both cases.

2016 Honda ACX interior

2016 Honda ACX is yet another one of new, technologically advanced cars which offer something unconventional, were it power source or design. Even though production-ready model won’t be nearly as futuristic as the concept was, it might still offer a thing or two that could surprise us. New 2016 Honda ACX is the first Honda’s hydrogen car.

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