2016 Honda Hybrid B Concept

2016 Honda Hybrid B Concept is the vehicle that will bring back this auto manufacturer to the less expensive entry level plug in hybrid vehicle production. Honda hybrid B brings very strange design and a lot of changes.

This vehicle was presented in Beijing last year, and it was promoted as the ”new value concept” vehicle, without any powertrain details but with the looks that are good enough to spark numerous rumors on what production version of this vehicle is going to bring. New production version of this concept will come as a replacement for the Honda Insight, but for the first two model years it will only be sold in China.

2016 Honda Hybrid B Concept – Interior and Exterior

When it comes to exterior looks we have a lot of things to say. Whole press statement that this manufacturer released deals only with the exterior and interior styling, and doesn’t say much about the vehicle’s specs. This is a typical five door hatchback and it comes with ”advanced and cool looking” exterior styling, at least that’s how Honda designers imagined it to be. This vehicle comes with a standard Honda looking grille, which means honeycomb mash, and a big H on top. It has 17 inch alloy wheels, interestingly shaped pillars and fenders that look little bit too bulged for the regular hybrid hatchback.

When it comes to interior there are not too many information out there, but we think that 2016 Honda Hybrid B Concept is going to come with futuristic interior design aimed at the Chinese younger crowd and that it is going to come with numerous hi tech features. Some of these features are definitely going to deal with connectivity since that’s something which interests young Chinese drivers the most. So we can expect some new generation smart phone and Bluetooth connectivity apps. We can also expect a few electric and USB outlets and infotainment system, although this is going to be the entry level hatchback.

2016 Honda Hybrid B Concept rear 2

Honda Hybrid B Engine range

As we said earlier information about this vehicle’s powertrain haven’t been put yet. We think that it is going to come with 2,0 liter four cylinder gasoline powertrain, combined with an electric motor on the rear wheel axle. It will probably be combined with 6 speed automatic transmission system and there’s also a possibility that Honda will decide to install CVT as another transmission option. This powertrain will be able to produce from 180 to 200 horsepower and when it comes to Chinese market it is going to be one of the strongest hybrid vehicles on sale.

2016 Honda Hybrid B Concept Price

When it comes to price we expect that the 2016 Honda Hybrid B Concept is going to be one of the least expensive hybrid vehicles out there. United States buyers will need to wait another two years to buy this vehicle at home, and the other solution is importing vehicle from China which is as difficult as it sounds. You will need to count numerous custom and shipping fees in addition to some conversion rate problems. The safest option would be to wait for the 2017 model year, but if you like this vehicle so much, why not go to China, its sales are going to start in the end of 2015.

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