2016 Honda Insight Review and Price

New 2016 Honda Insight Hybrid coming with small changes and improvements. Honda Insight was, for a long time, “the” hybrid model of Japanese maker’s lineup. However, they had decided to discontinue three hybrid cars last year, one of which is Insight.

Honda is most likely focusing on new fuel-cell hydrogen technology, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Insight reappeared after couple of years with a new powertrain. 2016 might just be the year as Honda plans on introducing fuel-cell vehicle or two to the market, mostly derived from the new FCV concept.

2016 Honda Insight hybrid

The Engine range

This means that 2016 Honda Insight could end up with complete makeover, powertrain-wise. Some 140 horses from the electric motor should be enough to offer plenty of power to it, and, of course, fuel-cell stack would deliver more of the same. Hydrogen-powered cars all follow the same philosophy and offer long driving range on quick fill ups. Moreover, they will become more and more advanced as time passes and things could become even better in near future.

2016 Honda Insight interior

Styling – Interior and Exterior

Since these cars need plenty of air in order to run, design will have to be changed radically. It will be interesting to see whether designers will opt for large air intakes in front end fascia, or stick with concept design which relies on large air inlets at the base of bumpers. Overall design of a new 2016 Honda Insight will heavily depend on this choice, and car will be either conventional or futuristic, if they choose former or latter layout respectively. Also, new Insight might keep its hunchback rear end and valenced rear fenders as signature details.

2016 Honda Insight rear view

As for the interior, don’t expect anything out of ordinary. Insight used to be quite an affordable car, being a hybrid, and Honda will likely keep the same strategy with new hydrogen-moved powertrain. This means that most of the surfaces will be made out of contemporary materials of adequate refinement. Room, especially out back used to be a problem in previous models. With bulky fuel-cell stack underneath the floor, things could get even worse and it is, yet again, interesting to see how Honda will remedy this.

Tech used in 2016 Honda Insight will be quite advanced, but don’t expect too many expensive features, at least not in entry-level models. Apart from all mandatory airbags, stability controls and anti-lock brakes, new Honda’s fuel-saving car will most likely offer standard rearview camera which wasn’t the case in previous models.

2016 Honda Insight  side view 2

2016 Honda Insight Hybrid Price

Driving range should surpass 300 miles with a single tank fill up and fuel efficiency is bound to be high. Problems with undeveloped infrastructure, though, might limit new Insight to west coast only, at least in initial years. Prices won’t be as low as before, but entry-level models could be available for less than $30,000. Otherwise, expect at least $40,000 price tag for top tier models. As far as release date, there are no exactly information about that. According to some web sites first details will be available in fall this year.

2016 Honda Insight front view 32

2016 Honda Insight should be the most affordable zero-emission car in Japanese automaker’s lineup, just like previous model was. However, it will be more expensive than before, but should also offer plenty of upgrades over its predecessor and a new powertrain technology as well.

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