2016 Lexus LF-LC

One of the best designed cars will be new 2016 Lexus LF-LC. Plenty of time has passed since Lexus unveiled their ultra-luxury LF-LC concept at 2012 NAIAS in Detroit. Lexus Future-Luxury Coupe for which its moniker stands, is supposed to compete with some of the most prominent sport luxury coupes from around the globe.

It should arrive sometime in 2016 or 2017 which is just around the corner in car years. However, most of its specs are still unknown and concept name will hardly stick around when production-ready models come.

Under the Hood

There are couple of strategies which Lexus might select at this point. First one is more expensive V8-powered hybrid sports coupe with price above $200,000. Second, and more viable option is more affordable 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with couple of electric motors. This should lower both the price and specs figures, and future, 2016 Lexus LF-LC should compete against BMW i8, Acura NSX and the likes.

This means that front engine – rear-wheel drive layout and output north of 350 horsepower can be expected. Moreover, this kind of car will most likely receive 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, but we wouldn’t exclude something different as well.

2016 Lexus LF-LC side view

Design – Inside and Outside look

LF-LC’s concept design is already possible to produce, but we still expect to see some changes since three years are plenty of time. However, protruded spindle grille and Lexus’ new trademark, futuristic headlights should be carried over. Gentle sills and air inlets at the foot of the rear fenders are also good-looking, but rear end tail-lights should get a revision. However, we still like the overhang, and tail-lights as well, for that matter. The thing is that they aren’t exactly production friendly.

2016 Lexus LF-LC  2

Sadly, interior will have to go through even larger overhaul, even though it looks great. That exactly might be the reason. Too much natural wood and all surfaces covered with leather just won’t cut it. Instrument panel, or a lack of one is also something that will have to be addressed in production-ready model. Unlike concept’s angled, hinged display on a central tunnel, 2016 Lexus LF-LC will get a pure-blooded touch screen display mounted on the dash.

Of course, mentioned display is only a controller, and concept already has dash-mounted screen, but it is way too large, expensive, and design unfriendly. Steering wheel and futuristic, colorful gauge cluster are also somewhat awkward, but we would love to see them again. Needless to say, future LF-LC will be packed with contemporary gadgets and features which is the least one could expect given its price tag.

2016 Lexus LF-LC int

2016 Lexus LF-LC Price

Being a hybrid car, we expect fuel economy figures somewhere in twenties, or even higher if they choose 4-cylinder engine as internal-combustion choice. This means that price tag will be somewhere around $130,000, but don’t exclude aforementioned V8 option which could cost even more, as we have already mentioned.

2016 Lexus LF-LC will become the most interesting model in entire Toyota’s luxury lineup. Thanks to its lavish interior and aggressive exterior, this car will be appealing even to the most demanding of eyes, and its performance should give you something to talk about.

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