2016 Nissan Sway

Nissan has just given us a glimpse of their new compact hatchback which is bound to appear sometime in the future. 2016 Nissan Sway concept from this year’s Geneva Auto Show is still in its early phase; that much is evident. However, a keen eye could notice a few details which might feature in all new Nissan’s when the time comes.

 2016 Nissan Sway Concept – Design

As for its design, 2016 Nissan Sway concept is definitely in its early stage. Frontal fascia is way too aggressive and features plenty of overlapping parts. However, V-motion grille which starts from the hood is evident and that is something Nissan already emphasizes on. Contemporary, racing-like bumper can be crossed out, and so can thin, laid-back headlamps which are followed by very pronounced hood bumps above the fenders. All this will have to emigrate to some of Nissan’s future sports cars. Geneva concept came in silver with contrasting orange details.

2016 Nissan Sway Concept
Exterior dimensions
Length 4.010 MM (157.87 Inches)
Width 1.780 MM (70.07 Inches)
Height 1.385 MM (54.52 Inches)
Wheelbase 2.570 MM (101.18 Inches)

Apart from contrasting roof, one of these details is a lower midsection stripe which serves as opposition to sharp, upper part creases. Around the back, Sway gets angular boomerang-like tail-lights and roofline spoiler which looks like slightly curved roof overhang. At the foot of the bumper, it gets one rectangular exhaust from both sides, which won’t make production unless Japanese decide to pack the compact hatch with V-8 power, and that’s highly unlikely to say the least.

Interior of a fresh concept is usually well beyond production readiness, and Sway doesn’t stray from that path. It is just way too futuristic, but we have become accustomed to similar designs in the past. Whole cabin is blue, while dashboard is white. Of course, orange and silver accents are present here as well.

There aren’t many controls in 2016 Nissan Sway concept’s dash and instrument panel. Color display screen is quite large for the size if the car and sits angled, looking at the roof, upon the top of the dash. For now, feature list is unexisting, but expect it to be similar to feature lists of other compact cars one could find driving around.

Engine details

Being only a concept, Japanese decided not to disclose any powertrain details at this point. However, since it’s a compact hatch, we guess that it will roll on front wheels, thanks to at least couple of 4-cylinder engine options. Depending on the market, number of available choices might rise in order to accommodate all petrol and diesel mills. Also, new Sway brings engine with 113 horsepower. But, unfortunately, there are not more details about engine range and performance.

2016 Nissan Sway main

2016 Nissan Sway Price

Fuel economy ratings and price range are also unknown categories, but latter can be more easily discerned. Car shouldn’t be more expensive than $20,000 or $25,000 and its fuel efficiency should be in the margins of the compact hatch class.

2016 Nissan Sway concept still has a long way to go before becoming production-ready and it will probably feature at least, at couple more car shows. As it happens, we could expect it to return to the crime scene and reappear at one of the next few Geneva Auto Shows. In any case, don’t expect hatch to become available for at least couple more years.

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