2016 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid

The new 2016 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid coming with better performance and features than previous edition. If you are asking yourself why should you buy the 2016 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid instead of its more conventional and more affordable petrol sibling.

The fact that the upcoming Hybrid version of the Crosstreck comes not only as a more efficient fuel economy and eco-friendly vehicle, but it also comes with bigger amount of power it manages to deliver, might put you up to choose the Hybrid. And of course, there is the more modern and eye suiting design of the new Hybrid.

2016 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid Design

Another ace from the sleeve of the 2016 Crosstreck Hybrid is its contemporary and appealing design. It is a truly Subaru style vehicle, with a very vigorous and rough appearance. The 8.7 inches of ground clearance allows the new hybrid to have a go-almost-anywhere capability. As far as the interior is concerned, the Crosstrek is just as modern and stylish with leather upholstered seats, a sunroof and an variety of high-tech features.

Furthermore, the Subaru Starlink system is connected to the vehicle’s stunning infotainment system and it also allows smartphone connectivity. Other interesting features include heated seats, push-button start, keyless entry, and there is also a lot of head and leg space.

The Engine range

When it comes to the drivetrain, Subaru played it smart by improving it exponentially. Subaru decided to offer more than just 148 hp that the petrol model was capable to deliver. Thanks to the electric motor, the XV Crosstrek hybrid comes with 15 hp more, and the torque has been increased by some 16 lb-ft. But, the part where the XV Crosstrek really comes to the fore, is in the low rev range where the extra torque is 50 lb-ft.

When it comes to the transmission, the new hybrid comes equipped with the CVT with paddle shifters that allow you to hold the engine in the higher rev’s as long as you want.

2016 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid CO2 emission

The CO2 production is very much improved, 9 percent to be exact, while the EPA smog rating has gone up on their scale to an 8, which is excellent if you are environmentally oriented.

Fuel economy

As far as the Fuel Economy goes, its improved when compared to the petrol model, mostly in the city and the overall fuel economy and not that much on the highway. The estimated Fuel Economy numbers are 30/34 mpg and 31 mpg combined.


Safety has always been an important segment for Subaru, and in recently their focus on safety has increased even more. The 2016 XV Crosstrek has passed (with excellent grades) every test and obstacle the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has prepared for it. The new Hybrid comes equipped with top notch safety features that are considered to be the best in its class.

2016 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid it

2016 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid Price and release date

The starting price for the 2016 Subaru XV Crosstrack Hybrid model will be a little more expensive than for its gasoline counterpart, and it will be around $27000, but considering what this new Hybrid offers and when comparing the performances, it is worth every penny. The vehicle is expected to be available for buying by the end of this year.

2016 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid fascia

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