2016 Suzuki iK2

The Japanese company has unveiled their new small car platform at the Geneva Motor Show. The 2016 Suzuki iK-2 comes as one of the most interesting brand’s vehicle’s they have presented in the last few years, not because of its appearance, but because of the technology it has under the skin.

There are some rumors that say that this car might be a replacement for the quite old Swift model. On the other hand, the iK 2 is actually wider, lower, longer and lighter than the Swift, which makes it more sporty. This vehicle promises to be a fuel efficient car which not only looks good, but also offers enough comfort and space to take in five passengers without a problem.

The Engine and MPG

Under the hood, Suzuki is using a 1.0 l turbocharged inline-4 engine which they are calling the Boosterjet. It’s made especially for a small range of cars and there aren’t many information about it so far. But, having in mind the aggressive name and the fact that it is a turbocharged engine, the expectations are that it will be able to generate up to 120 hp and 160 lb-ft of torque, which would make it a decent opponent to the EcoBoost engines and the Mercedes’s new small engine.

2016 Suzuki iK2 rear 4

As far as the fuel consumption is concerned, it is safe to assume that this engine will easily be rated at 50 mpg, considering its size and the fact that it is turbocharged. The engine will come paired up with a 6 speed manual or a 7 speed automatic transmission.

2016 Suzuki iK2 Design – Exterior & Inside look

The outside appearance of the 2016 Suzuki iK-2 comes with a flowing design style, which the Japanese company is going to use from now on their future vehicles. The 2016 iK2 comes with a clean design with huge headlights and uninterrupted body lines which give the feeling of a very well built car. In the back of the car, there is a single exhaust pipe, and a small diffuser which is integrated into the back bumper. As far as the lighting is concerned, LED powered lights, both in the front and at the back, are going to come as standard features.

2016 Suzuki iK2
Outside dimensions
Overall length 4.023 MM (158.38 Inches)
Overall width 1.920 MM (75.59 Inches)
Overall height 1.450 MM (57.08 Inches)
Wheelbase 2.520 MM (99.21 Inches)

2016 Suzuki iK2


Interior wise, the 2016 iK2 cabin equipped with almost everything that a premium hatchback should have, coming with similar quality and comfort levels as the Mercedes A Class. Since this is a concept model, some interior changes might be included until it reaches production, but the expectations are that it will remain with its original interior design. The overall equipment offer is quite good with a lot of technology and goods included in the base version.

2016 Suzuki iK2 rear side

As standard, Suzuki is going to offer electric windows and electric front seats, automatic climate control, and a premium sound system with both USB, iPod connectivity, and a dock for a smartphone. The Panoramic roof and leather upholstery will be only offered as an option.

2016 Suzuki iK2 Price

The official pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, but the predictions are that the 2016 Suzuki iK2 will have a price tag with figures of 18.000 U.S. dollars for the base model.

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