2016 Toyota Auris Hybrid

The 2016 Toyota Auris Hybrid has been unveiled at this years Geneva Motor Show. The Toyota company will release a new addition to its hatchback lineup, which is already reaching the point where it is in need of a refreshment. The new Auris hybrid is ready for the tough competition in this class, with totally new features and design improvements.

The Engine and fuel consumption

The engine unit of the 2016 Toyota Auris Hybrid is a carry on from the third-generation Prius. Its Hybrid system is a combination of a petrol 1.8 VVT-i and the electric engine of 82 hp. Through control of power and CVT transmission, the car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 10.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 180 km/h. The average fuel consumption is 3.8 liters on 100km.

The key to such a great fuel consumption is the fact, that to run at a high pace, good power systems are often run on electricity or inertia, so the fuel is used only when it is absolutely necessary. The 2016 Toyota Auris Hybrid Electric drive is used during start-up, and it is possible to drive at speeds up to 55 km/h, up to 2 km.


The weight of the batteries placed on the flooring, has lowered the center of gravity of the vehicle, and due to the bigger mass the new Auris is well built for fast driving through curves. On the other hand, Hybrid is not intended for sports driving. It behaves best in a moderate ride and then you can enjoy an almost noiseless ride and low fuel consumption. Maybe even more worth mentioning is the Toyota’s quality and reliability, which is justified by the performance of every model that came out of their factory, and the best results were achieved with the hybrid models.

Styling – Outside look & Interior

As far as the exterior of the 2016 Auris Hybrid is concerned, it has suffered some redesigning and a couple of new features have been added in the front and the back end. Headlights and backlights have also been redesigned and a number of new exterior colors have been added. The front end of the car is slightly improved, with a few changes in the grill and front fascia design, while the new swept back headlights are a giving the new Auris a more aggressive look.


When you take a look at the inside of the new Auris, you will notice that some new features have been added, but the overall design remains more or less unchanged. The high grade materials and the new color schemes give a new and refreshing look to the interior, while the back part of the cabin now has more space and provides more comfort.

2016 Toyota Auris hybrid  in t

The trunk size has been also increased to 530 l, and when the back seats have been folded down, more than 1600 l of space is available. Some new technology is also expected to be offered, but the details are still not available. Furthermore, the 2016 Auris Hybrid will come in the 4 trims, the base Active, Icon, Icon Plus and Excel.

2016 Toyota Auris hybrid Price

The prices will not go under $21.000 for the regular Auris, and $32.000 for the Hybrid model.

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