2016 Toyota Mirai Price and availability on USA market

Toyota’s statement for their new car says: “A turning point from the inside out”. 2016 Toyota Mirai might become just that, not only for the Japanese automaker, but for the whole car industry as well.

However, there’s a plenty of water yet that needs to flow under the bridge and the main issue right now is the infrastructure. It’s the natural problem which every new technology faces upon entering the market.This car has been presented a month ago on Asian market, but we can expect on USA market in fall this year or early 2016.

2016 Toyota Mirai side view 3

The Engine Options

As a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicle, 2016 Toyota Mirai offers something new. It isn’t the first vehicle in the market which offers hydrogen as a fuel source, but it is among the first ones. Couple of carbon fiber-made fuel tanks are filled with hydrogen directly from the gas station’s tank. This takes five minutes at most for the whole tank, and then you’re free for the next 300 miles or so.

Hydrogen then travels to mid-mounted fuel-cell stack and reacts with air that comes from frontal side, creating electricity and water as a bonus. 151 hp and 247 lb-ft of torque electric motor uses that electricity to power the car and that’s pretty much all of it. Water that’s left from hydrogen-oxygen reaction is ejected via rear end tailpipe, either during drive or stationary mode. New Mirai reaches 60 mph for less than 9.0 seconds.

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Design – Inside and Outside look

Mirai makes quite a statement with its design. Refined futuristic look was the only option in store for vehicle which deploys new technology for its power source. From the front, it has rather large air intakes; one in the middle and couple more flanking it. This is, of course, used to allow air to get to the fuel-cell stack and do its magic together with hydrogen. Thin headlights and somewhat floating hood make Mirai even more futuristic, while its profile executes some sharp creases. Around the back, triangular set of large tail-lights are connected via light bridge which has Toyota’s badge in its center.

Inside, 2016 Toyota Mirai executes some classy and unconventional touches, especially in dashboard department. Large touch screen display sits in the middle of it, while control board is found under it. It is actually angled and represents a bridge between the dash and the armrest. From driver’s side, everything seems ordinary apart from the fact that there’s a blank space behind the steering wheel as all gauges are found in a special TFT cluster above the dash. From passenger’s side, dashboard adds a touch of class with X-shaped accent all over the glovebox compartment. Room out back might be a problem given the high floor and rapidly falling roofline. Finally, safety features are expected to be rather advanced given the price of the car and its technology-oriented status.

2016 Toyota Mirai side view

2016 Toyota Mirai Price

Fuel economy ratings aren’t out yet, but it is clear that Mirai will be quite fuel-efficient. It will cost $58,325 when it finally comes to the dealers, but after all tax rebates and incentives, expect the price to fall by some $13,000 to $14,000. This car will be one the most popular cars in future time.

2016 Toyota Mirai is one of the vanguards of next generation of vehicles. How long will it take for it to become available worldwide, remains to be seen. As for now, infrastructure is still under developed and only California shows readiness to improve theirs in order to make life simpler to new fuel-cell vehicle owners. As far as features and performance, and according to some predictions and critics, new Toyota Mirai is better car than older edition, Toyota Prius.

More details: http://www.caranddriver.com/news/2016-toyota-mirai-fuel-cell-sedan-photos-and-info-news

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