2016 Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid – Review

First time 2016 Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid appeared at Paris Auto Show, two weeks ago. Second generation of Volvo’s flagship CUV XC90 is due to be launched in spring 2015 as a 2016 year model. Heavily redesigned model comes with many changes and not only exterior-based ones. In fact, XC90 will from now on be offered in plug-in hybrid form and these are the great news for green car enthusiasts with a refined taste.

Under the Hood

Volvo’s most luxurious crossover will be moved around by a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine up front, while the rear wheels will be driven by a 60 kW electric motor. This setup, together with 8-speed automatic transmission will allow XC90 to make up to 400 hp and 472 lb-ft of torque. Lithium-ion battery pack will be large enough to power this full-size, all-wheel drive vehicle for 25 miles solely on electric power. In depending on conditions, electronics may mix a power of electric motor or engine.
2016 Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid righ side

Design – Inside and Outside look

New design brings smoother and more refined lines, but Volvo will always be Volvo. Even though new XC90 is a modern vehicle, we still can’t shake the feeling that this is an old school boxy wagon. Sometimes reputation sticks with you forever, it seems. However, those that don’t know anything about old Volvo’s will be reassured that this is a contemporary ute by XC90’s R-Design chrome grille, new hammer-like headlights and elegant tailgate finish with spiraling tail-lights.

Interior is really something to behold. All the finest materials Swedes mustered had found their place in the new XC90. This means that you’ll find only perforated leather and fine leatherette dash trim with plenty of wood accents. Volvo’s floating dash is slightly tilted toward the driver and new Sensus infotainment system is powered by a new portrait-oriented touch screen display. 19-speaker Bowers & Wilkins premium audio sound system will power the audio, while the rear seat entertainment will also be available.
2016 Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid
With three rows of seats, XC90 is actually the first plug-in hybrid which offers this kind of accommodation. This just wouldn’t be Volvo if it didn’t have the stellar safety ratings. In order to achieve these, XC90 offers a whole lot of advanced electronic safety features including the city safety auto-brake system, blind-spot monitors, parking sensors, lane-keeping assist, rear cross-traffic alerts, adaptive cruise control, etc.
2016 Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid interior
With the fuel saving powertrain and large battery pack, Swedes aim to achieve the fuel efficiency estimated to 120 mpg. However, real world numbers will surely drop quite a lot and highway figures could easily be cut in half.

2016 Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid Price

First edition models will cost $65,900 and later on, XC90 will be more affordable. However, these are the prices for conventional models, while the plug-ins will most likely cost even more than the first edition and will be available later on.
2016 Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid charging
2016 Volvo XC90 will be the world’s first, seven passenger plug-in hybrid if someone doesn’t do something about it in the near future. This is the luxury green car which will save you money on gas, but you’ll have to splash the cash on it up front.



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