2016 VW Sport Coupe GTE

First time, a new concept is revealed, the new 2016 VW Sport Coupe GTE. When Volkswagen announced that they are going to present a 4-door coupe concept at the Geneva Motorshow, the first VW model that came to our mind was the CC. And considering that this concept might end up being the next-generation version of the 7-year-old CC model, that first thought might be correct.

Furthermore, VW promises that this car will mark a “new design era” for the company, and it will probably be equipped with a variety of modern technologies. Unlike the CC, which is stationed in the B segment, the Sport Coupe Concept is positioned the C segment, meaning that it is slightly bigger than the current CC model. The new Coupe comes with a larger wheelbase of 118.9 inches, as well as increased overall length of 191.7 inches.

2016 VW Sport Coupe GTE Engine and MPG

“Under the hood”, the vehicle is also very innovative. The GTE badge stands for a plug-in hybrid drive system and that’s exactly what this concept offers. The vehicle is powered by a plug-in hybrid drive system that comes as a combination of a 3.0-l turbocharged V-6 with and a pair of electric motors, one integrated with the 6-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission, and giving the power to the front wheels, and a second electric motor, powering the rear wheels, all together creating a “through-the-road” hybrid AWD system. This system is capable of delivering 374 hp.

The 2016 VW Sport Coupe GTE will go from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 155 mph. The electric only driving range is 32 miles, while with a fully charged battery and a full tank of petrol, the car can reach around 745 miles. A lithium-ion battery is placed in the center tunnel and can be recharged at home, or on the road while the petrol engine is working.

Design – Exterior & Interior

As far as the exterior appearance goes, the daring design elements totalize the vehicle’s larger stature. In the front, the radiator grille bulges into dual LED powered headlights on both sides of the car, and C-shaped LEDs illuminate the section close to the lower air intakes. A grandiose look is achieved with chrome-highlighted air vents in the front fenders and the hood. The back of the car appears much longer thanks to a strong rear spoiler and a big character line that goes across the trunk.


When talking about the inside, we have to mention the premium materials and a variety of upgrading technology, such as the ability to use the driver’s biometric information to improve the driving experience. A smartwatch or armband, that are paired with the car’s navigation system, takes the necessary data and the navigation chooses a route for an exciting drive or a stress-free route, depending on the biometric information.

The navigation system also capable of giving weather and traffic updates for the selected route using Instagram posts. Other technology features include new touchscreens, one for the central infotainment system and two on the backs of the front headrests. An optional 12.3-inch display is also offered for back seat passengers, to control media and climate functions. Furthermore, leather-trimmed accents on the dash, faux timber, piano-black and aluminum accents are available in the interior.

2016 VW Sport Coupe GTE

2016 VW Sport Coupe GTE Price and release date

The  2016 VW Sport Coupe GTE will go on sale sometime in 2016, and the price will probably be slightly higher than the current CC’s $35,000 starting price.


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