2017 Subaru Viziv – Performance

The new¬†2017 Subaru Viziv is the next generation of hybrid SUV, and brings the newest hybrid system. Some of current Subaru’s cars are rather old and despite the fact most of them have been updated in one way or another, they do need to refresh most of their lineup in order to become something more than what they’re currently are. The first step to do this was the release of the Viziv 2 concept car back in 2014 and more recently, the Viziv concept released back in 2015.

The two cars showcase a new design scheme, new technologies as well as they basically give us a good idea about where Subaru is going in the future.


Refined & Modern Design

The design of the 2017 Subaru Viziv is expected to be very similar to that of the concept car showcased a few months ago at the Tokyo Auto Show. However, instead of offering just two doors, the production model is actually going to offer four of them. The front end is expected to be nearly identical with the same grille, similar headlights as well as a similarly aggressive front bumper.

The back of the car on the other hand will see the introduction of a slightly different bumper that will be easier to manufacture and the car will likely feature smaller wheels on the base models.

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Luxury Interior

Inside the cabin, the actual look of the concept doesn’t seem to be that far off from the concept car and considering that the production model will likely be showcased this year at the Tokyo Auto Show, it is safe to assume that some design cues such as its interesting instrument cluster and the shape of the dashboard are going to be used on the production vehicle as well.

Under the Hood & Specs

The concept of the 2017 Subaru Viziv is using a small 1.6 liter turbocharged flat-four petrol engine which looks to be the same as that found in the Levorg. Because of that, there is a strong possibility that the production model will feature the same engine which is quite impressive at 170 horsepower and over 160 lb-ft of torque. Front wheel drive will be standard, unlike all the other Subaru crossovers, and a 6 speed manual should be offered on the base trim level. A more fuel efficient CVT on the other hand will likely be offered as an option which will improve fuel consumption and it will offer a more hassle-free experience.

The four wheel drive version of the car is going to be a bit more different. This is because instead of a conventional prop-shaft, the car will use a small electric motor on the rear axle which will provide all wheel drive when needed. This will be coupled to one of the first lithium-Po battery packs and it should also improve the car’s fuel efficiency by a small margin. This all wheel drive version of the car will also offer around 200 horsepower and more torque due to the added electric motor.

2017 Subaru Viziv main image

2017 Subaru Viziv Price & Release date

While not official just yet, it seems that the car might go into production as the 2017 Subaru Viziv, a compact crossover that will not only offer the regular petrol powered engines but also a hybrid. This should give them an edge in a class where the Renegade and the CX-3 are two of the best selling cars on the market.

Being a Subaru, the Viziv will not only be efficient but it will also be as rugged as compact crossovers go and it will boast an all new design which will certainly make a lot of people happy, especially since the car will no longer look dull and old.

The price, while unknown at this point, could hover around $20,000 for an average spec model which would make it a really good choice in its class.

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