2017 Tesla Model 3 makes a revolution on the market

Finally, confirmed, the new 2017 Tesla Model 3 coming very soon. Electric car enthusiasts are counting the days before Tesla’s most affordable model up to date finally starts taking the orders. 2017 Tesla Model 3 is supposed to be unveiled during early 2016 and should start with sales toward the end of the year. But, how much do we know about the car at current moment? Let’s recapitulate.

Under the Hood

Model 3 will not be as efficient as the Model S. That much is certain. It will neither manage to offer the same range nor the same acceleration as Tesla’s most expensive unit. However, 2017 Tesla Model 3 should be able to crunch very respectable figures nevertheless. It might be able to reach 60 mph from standstill in around 4 or 5 seconds, and it should be able to offer north of 200 miles of range.

That won’t come as courtesy of Model S’ latest 90 kWh battery, but 65 kWh unit should be Model 3’s smallest pack. Since no official info has been released yet, further speculations are out of place. According to the some rumors and reports, new Model 3 reaches top speed around 135 mph. Unlike other cars, one of the biggest advantages is a long distance per one charging.

Design – Interior & Exterior

As far as design of Tesla’s Model 3 goes, some cues will be shared with aforementioned Model S. Frontal fascia is a prime example of previous assessment, given the oval open-mouth shape of the grille. Rest of the front end will also be in accordance to Tesla’s car building strategy – that is to say contemporary, sleek and slightly futuristic. Apart from being smaller than Model S, 2017 Tesla Model 3 will feature hatchback-worthy rear end with roofline sloping toward the trunk lid in uninterrupted motion.

Another set of contemporary lights, unconventional bumper and metallic garnish are details which should guarantee Model 3’s futuristic finish at the rear.

2017 Tesla Model 3 charging

Inside view

Model 3’s interior is still something that we just can’t present with words (or picture for that matter). Forget about the lavishness of the Model S here. Wood accents and leather surfaces will probably be unavailable with the affordable Tesla. Some more upscale materials might be offered as options, but cloth, plastic and metallic accents will likely be your best bet. Large touch screen display and capacitive controls would also be nice to see, but Tesla might decide to fit Model 3 in more conservative manner.

This means that classic buttons, knobs and dials are more likely to adorn car’s instrument panel. As for the rest of the feature list, one should expect all modern connectivity options and gear that’s otherwise standard with family cars.

2017 Tesla Model 3 - Elon Musk

Safety options

Safety systems will likely be slightly downtuned as well. In order to cut the expenses, 2017 Tesla Model 3 will likely discard some of the advanced equipment, but a rearview camera, blind-spot monitors and adaptive cruise control should be offered as optional upgrades at least. Add to that all the mandatory gear, and Model 3 doesn’t look so bare in terms of safety features any more.

Model 3

2017 Tesla Model 3 Price

Apart from a wild guess of its 200-mile all-electric range, speaking about 2017 Tesla Model 3’s fuel economy doesn’t make too much sense at this point. More will be known soon enough, but for now, let’s just state that MPGe ratings will likely flow into the 100+ range as they should. Reason for introducing this car is its more affordable sticker, and at least we know what to expect in this department.

Price tag of at least $35,000 is more than reasonable, and made possible thanks to cheaper battery technology.

2017 Tesla Model 3 can be compared with famous Ford Model T. While latter is regarded as the first affordable automobile, former should be regarded as the first affordable all-electric car coming from electric car gurus from Tesla. It will certainly make an impact on the market, whatever competition decides to do.

The biggest competitors are BMW 3 and Chevrolet Bolt.

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