2020 BMW i6 – Rumors and Release date

BMW is currently on a roll releasing a lot of new models and concept cars at all the major auto shows in the World. Some of these new models are part of the electric ā€œiā€ series with the i8S which is going to be the sportier version of the i8. Well, it now seems that BMW will not only release the i5 quite soon but also the i6. While the i5 is expected to be a crossover loosely based on the i3, the 2020 BMW i6 will be all new and it is expected to be first released some time in 2020 while its market availability will likely start in 2022 or later.

Unlike the other two, the i6 will get its own unique platform which will be specifically designed in order to accommodate a sedan, wagon and even a possible coupe version.

front grille

What’s new for BMW i6?

Unlike all the other sedans on the market and even the Tesla, the 2020 BMW i6 has been rumored to get an aluminum and carbon fiber chassis which will combine the two in order to offer increased structural rigidity and up to 15% less weight than the equivalent aluminum chassis. On top of that, unlike all their other current models, the i6 will feature a rather slim lithium-ion battery and its motor or motors are going to be included inside the wheel housings.

This will not only free up a lot of space but it will also allow BMW to build a very big car on the inside without having to build a large car on the outside.

All-new Design – Exterior & Interior

The design is likely going to borrow quite a bit of the design elements of the i3 and the i8, meaning that it will get a rather sculpted look with carbon fiber or aluminum panels. Also, unlike all the other usual sedans, the i6 will feature a rather interesting look with contrasting colors which should be well received by the general public.


Inside the cabin the car will offer up to five seats depending on what type of body the buyer will want. On top of that, the storage space will differ accordingly so the wagon will offer up to three times more space than its coupe or sedan counterpart. Also, just like the Tesla, the car is likely going to offer a front and rear trunk thanks to the fact that most electronics and electric components will be built into the chassis.

2020 BMW i6

Under the Hood

In terms of engines, the 2020 BMW i6 has been confirmed to be an electric car which could offer engines ranging from as low as 240 horsepower all the way up to 310 horsepower and more than 300 lb-ft of torque. These electric motors will drive the wheels directly without having to use any type of gearbox, so the efficiency will be high. It is unclear how large the battery will be but rumors say the car will offer between 35 and 60 kWh of electricity which should be enough for up to 200 miles of all electric range.

On top of that, a range extender model could also be offered in which case a small 2 cylinder petrol engine will provide the necessary power for up to more than 400 miles which would be really impressive from a car that will cost less than $40,000.

2020 BMW i6 Price

The price is still unknown but considering that Tesla is looking to release the Model 3 for around $35,000, it is unlikely that BMW will sell the i6 at a much higher price than that and that’s simply because they would not be able to compete with the smaller company.

On top of that, the Tesla is already an established marque in terms of electric cars while BMW is not, so they will really have to release something impressive in order to get people’s attention.

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